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Wind Damage Restoration

Wind Damage

Ever wondered how at-risk your property is from wind damage? Well, if you live in Florida or Alabama, there is a high degree of threat perception from a major storm every 2 1/4 years. It is, therefore, important to be prepared ahead of time about the potential hazards to your property. At Complete DKI, we are dedicated to helping restore the peace of mind of our clients.

Is Your Roof Properly Sheathed?

All of us know that a thunderstorm, hurricane, windstorm, or tornado can prove devastating to life and property. The force of wind can severely damage or impact the roof of your residential or commercial property, ripping the roof off. Once the storm has passed, it is time to pay attention to your property to find whether everything is all right and prevent further damage. Here a wind damage company, such as Complete DKI, can come to your rescue and help you successfully recover from these natural events and deal with hidden structural damages. The damages may include misaligned walls, split or twisted framing, ripped off roofs, and undetected water and mold damage.

As a professional, highly trained, and certified wind damage company, we provide immediate assistance to help you get back on your feet. We offer comprehensive wind damage repair services, including:

  • Structural repairs –Our structural repair services are aimed to get your home back in shape.
  • Tree removal – Professional tress removal services in the event high force winds have sent trees crashing into the exteriors or roof of your property.
  • Window board-ups – Wind storms can severely damage winds and broken windows can further expose your home to other elements. Thus we offer window board-up services to ensure your home remains safe and secure until repairs have been successfully made, protecting you from natural and human threats.
  • Roof Tarping – As wind damage repair specialists, we protect your home from outside elements and further damages if your roof has suffered severe damage from a wind storm.
  • Debris hauling – We help you safely remove your valuable belongings and contents from your property if it has been left your strewn with debris due to a wind storm.
  • Demolition – In the event of irreparable structural damage to your property owing to a storm, we offer demolition services so that you can conveniently and quickly move forward with your rebuild.

At Complete DKI, our professionals and technicians offer quality, reliable, and affordable wind damage repair services to protect your most invaluable investment and bring your life back to normal!