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Complete DKI Restoration vans parked outside Tennyson after Flood Damage

Restoring Tennyson after Flood Damage

On Memorial Day weekend in 2018, the Tennyson, a prestigious condominium in downtown Tallahassee, experienced a water damage from a main supply line on the 12th floor. The areas affected included: 41 units, 8 hallways and 8 stairwells.

librarian organizing books on shelves

Complete DKI Restores Public Library Hit by Hurricane Harvey

When Hurricane Harvey slammed into Texas in 2017, Port Arthur, TX became inundated with flood waters. One of the many buildings affected, the Port Authur library, had three feet of standing water and took over 48 hours before the water receded. The library held over $12M in books, one third of which were, unfortunately, housed below the flood line, and relative humidity hovered around 95 percent with stagnant 90 degree interior temperatures affecting the remainder of the collection.

Complete DKI Restores Retail Plaza After Tornado Damage

Tornado Damage calls for Disaster Restoration Efforts Loss Type: Storm Damage Building Type: Retail Contact: Complete DKI – Pensacola, FL Dates: February 2016 Contract Value: Claim 1: $1.9 million; Claim 2: $300,000 In February 2016, two tornadoes, seven days apart from each other, tore through the exact same location in Pensacola, FL. Before the initial […]

flooded school hallway in Louisiana

 Complete DKI Helps Restore Louisiana School District 

Water Damage Restored after Flooding Loss Type: Flood Damage Building Type: Public School District Contact: Complete DKI – Pensacola, FL Dates: August 2016 Contract Value: $5.8 million Unexpected catastrophic flooding in Louisiana left homes and businesses in several parishes severely damaged. DKI Member, Complete DKI, helped one of the parishes that sustained damage to its […]

Complete DKI Restores Pensacola Hospital

Around 11:00 p.m. on Saturday, October 13, 2015, Complete DKI was called to respond to a small electrical fire that had started in the bathroom of one patient’s room at a hospital in Pensacola, FL. The installed sprinkler system extinguished the fire right away, but caused damage to the four lower floors and basement.