Location: St. Joseph Church

Response Time: Evening of loss

Loss Description: Copper thieves broke a water line in the mechanical room on the 3rd floor. This flooded all 3 floors of the church.

Additional Information: Complete DKI was able to extract and get the bulk moisture addressed the day of loss. Complete DKI started the needed demo and main drying on Monday after the weekend services. Mitigation was completed prior to the next Sunday. This allowed for normal weekend services to continue.


Location: Southern Flooring Systems

Response Time: 12 a.m. Night of Loss

Loss Description: 10,000 sq ft warehouse and office space was affect by a fire caused by misuse of an oscillating fan.

Additional Information: Fire was noticed around 10:30 p.m., Complete DKI was notified at 11:30 p.m., crews were onsite around 12 a.m. Crews were onsite ready to secure the facility prior to the Fire Marshal releasing the scene. Board-up services were completed around 5 a.m. A walk through and proposed plan was done first thing the next morning with mitigation starting that afternoon after approval.