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Complete DKI Assists Elderly Resident with Roof Damage Repair

Loss Type: Roof Damage

Building Type: Residential

Contact: Complete DKI - Pensacola, FL

Date: Spring 2018


Due to an improperly installed roof, 92-year-old Mrs. Coker, experienced a severe leak with water pouring into her home. Her insurance agent referred her to DKI. 


Immediately, Complete DKI prioritized what needed to be done. First, they stopped the water intrusion, by climbing on the roof and installing two 20 x 30-foot and two 8 x 8-foot tarps. Next, they emptied the buckets and tubs of water Mrs. Coker had collected from the leak. The lead tech took moisture readings and infrared images for documentation purposes. Then, after installing drying equipment, the team diligently walked Mrs. Coker through her home to point out to her any tripping hazards the equipment might present. 

Throughout the entire claim process, Complete DKI’s project coordinator worked with Mrs. Coker and her insurance adjuster to ensure complete communication. 

“Usually we run into a client crying when we first show up at their house when they are experiencing a nightmare that has happened. Today, this client was crying when we went to pull the equipment out of her house because she wasn’t going to see us again. She said she was grateful and blessed that a company like us came into her life and helped her. She cried in Forrest's arms for 10 minutes because we were leaving. She was talking about all the hard times she has gone through being 91 years old. Even though we get paid to do what we do, we are out here making an impact on folks during a hard time in their life. As we were tearing up we were reminded of how blessed we are to be working with a team that changes people’s lives.” – Complete DKI Tech 


Complete DKI Restores Condo With Minimal Disruption to Planned Wedding Reception

Loss Type: Water Damage

Building Type: Commercial Real Estate - Condominium

Contact: Complete DKI - Pensacola, FL

Dates: September 2017

On the evening of Friday, September 29, 2017, Complete DKI received a call from a condo association manager, a supply line at a new property located on Perdido Key had ruptured. The resulting water damage affected the source unit, three additional units and common areas that included an event space. The loss occurred the night before a planned wedding reception in the common area. 

Complete DKI teams responded immediately, providing extraction and setting equipment. Teams worked diligently to scope the loss, provide moisture readings and sketch affected areas. After being notified of the impending wedding, Complete DKI’s teams worked to devise a plan that would allow for maximum drying and minimum disruption to the wedding. Adding to the complexity of the job, the condo still had units under construction, Complete DKI was able to coordinate with the onsite construction company to prevent any miscommunication to the owners and management. 

The plan for addressing the club house room, which was hosting the wedding was; set up equipment, hold off on demo until after the event, arrive before the event to break down the equipment, come back immediately after the guest of the wedding had left, reset the equipment and begin demo. In addition to this plan, dehumidification was ducted into the affected ceiling cavity in the common areas to allow for proper drying, but reduce the amount of demo that was needed. This helped to reduce the time frame for the needed repairs. The plan worked perfectly, there was no disruption to the wedding and the common areas were still dried ahead of schedule. By Tuesday, only four days following the loss, Complete DKI finished all required mitigation and restoration services. The condo association manager was grateful for Complete DKI’s professionalism and efficiency, and allowing the wedding reception to continue as planned with minimal disruption.

 “Thomas has been terrific this week following the leak in unit 207 at the condominium. Alex and AJ were the first to respond on Friday night and we would be in much different shape had they not arrived when they did. I am very proud of DKI and their work and professionalism at our property. We will be turning over from the developer to the homeowners in November. I do hope we can retain Complete DKI as our disaster response team.” – Dan McArdle 



Location: McGuire's Irish Pub

Response Time: Within two hours of the reported loss

Loss Description: Severe storms resulted in damage to approximately one third of the building's flat roof over the main dining area

Problem: During the winter of 2017, a streak of nasty storms, creating multiple tornados and straight-line winds, caused damage to several structures along the Gulf Coast, including Complete DKI’s client, McGuire’s Irish Pub in Destin, FL. McGuire’s experienced severe damage to approximately one third of its flat roof over the main dining area. With peak vacation season just around the corner, the restaurant needed to remove and replace the entire flat roof without causing too much downtime and loss in revenue.

Solution: Complete DKI was onsite and began tarping the restaurant within two hours of the reported loss, which prevented further damage from the impending rain. Working with a commercial roofer to provide a temporary patch for the damaged roof, the Complete DKI team was able to finish drying the inside of the restaurant, and remove, replace and repaint the ceiling all
within just four days. They avoided any downtime by working in sections of the dining room.

To provide a permanent fix to the roof and still keep the restaurant in business, Complete DKI was able to locate a tradesman who applied a commercial grade spray application, which was warranted and passed all the local permitting codes. Since the HVAC unit was located on the roof, this was removed, and temporary AC was provided in the interim to allow the restaurant to still operate as normal. Complete DKI coordinated all the reconstruction efforts with the restaurant’s management, allowing for a seamless transition to the new roof. Despite the challenges and additional work required, Complete DKI maintained solid teamwork and communication from start to finish, and prevented McGuire’s from shutting down.


Location: Southern Flooring Systems

Response Time: 12 a.m. Night of Loss

Loss Description: 10,000 sq ft warehouse and office space was affect by a fire caused by misuse of an oscillating fan.

Additional Information: Fire was noticed around 10:30 p.m., Complete DKI was notified at 11:30 p.m., crews were onsite around 12 a.m. Crews were onsite ready to secure the facility prior to the Fire Marshal releasing the scene. Board-up services were completed around 5 a.m. A walk through and proposed plan was done first thing the next morning with mitigation starting that afternoon after approval.


Location: St. Joseph Church

Response Time: Evening of loss

Loss Description: Copper thieves broke a water line in the mechanical room on the 3rd floor. This flooded all 3 floors of the church.

Additional Information: Complete DKI was able to extract and get the bulk moisture addressed the day of loss. Complete DKI started the needed demo and main drying on Monday after the weekend services. Mitigation was completed prior to the next Sunday. This allowed for normal weekend services to continue.