Meet the Team


Shaun Carpentier


Education: BS in Marketing w/ Certificates in Logistics and Management from University of West Florida, IICRC Water Damage Restoration, IICRC Applied Structural Drying, IICRC Commercial Drying Systems, IICRC Smoke and Fire, Florida State Mold Remediator

Industry Experience: 13 Years

What I love about my job: My favorite thing is that no day is the same. We are constantly faced with new challenges and opportunities. Whether it be a kitchen fire in the morning and a condo flood in evening. We are there to assist those that are affected, getting them back to normal. Most people have never face a disaster like these and need people that can help guide them through the process.


Ashlee Carpentier

Business Development Manager on the Gulf Coast

Education: BS in Marketing from the University of West Florida

Industry Experience: 5 Years

What I love about my job: I love the people I get to work with. Our staff has a huge heart for what we do and it always shows through. Most of our clients have never experienced a water or fire damage and to see our team step up to the plate and help people recover is very rewarding.


Mark Meece

VP of Operations

Education: IICRC WTR, IICRC ASD, IICRC FSRT, OSHA 30, Haag Certified Roofing Inspector Residential, (CHT)Certified Healthcare Technician – KSHC, (CTR) Certified Technology Restorer Level I & II, Successful Subrogation I & II, (CERC) Certified Critical Environmental Reconstruction Contractor, Certified EPA Lead Renovator

Industry Experience: 21 years

What I Love About My Job:

3 Things:

  1. The satisfaction of helping someone get their life/business back together
  2. Helping my team members reach their personal and professional goals
  3. Each day brings something new and a chance to become better than yesterday.


Wendy Myers


Industry Experience: 22 years

What I love about my job: I love working with people, and I enjoy my DKI family.

Office Staff

Andrew Bravomalo

Operations Manager

Education: Bachelor of Science Pensacola Christian College, Certified Contents Processing and Handling Technician, RIA Contents Science & Theory Certified

Industry Experience: 13 years management experience

What I love about my job: The day to day diversity of challenges given by uncontrolled elements of fire, water, and wind damage. Also, being able to positively assist in people’s lives, by contributing an effort to bring them back to normal.

Todd Liechty

Project Manager

Education: 4th generation Builder

Industry Experience: over 30 yrs

What I love about my job: I am honored to be part of a strong team providing an important service to my community.

Chris Hord

Project Estimator

Education: Current Student at UWF majoring in Construction Management

Industry Experience: 6 years construction experience

What I love about my job: I love helping people and making their home new again.

Mitigation / Reconstruction

Ryan Hannaman

Project Estimator 

Industry Experience: 6 years; Professional Baseball, San Francisco & Baltimore

What I love about my job: I love my job because there is a sense of teamwork here. We have leaders that lead by example. Being someone who always has been a part of a team, here at DKI everyone has a key job to perform to make the wheel turn. We all know that good organizations start from the top, there we have tremendous leadership. At the end of the day we are providing a service to help other people and communities we are associated with.

Mitigation / Reconstruction

Daniel Harris

Assistant Project Manager

Education: Water Restoration Certified, Structural Drying Certified, NCCR Certified for Rigging & Signaling, OSHA Certified, Category 1,2,3 Heavy Equipment Operator & Instructor

Industry Experience: I have 20 years total experience in construction, 17 years combined in Residential/Commercial & 13 years in Heavy Civil/Industrial Construction.

What I love about my job: I like having the opportunity to restore people’s homes after an event that displaces them from their home & bringing enjoyment of being in their home back to them as well.

Thomas Murphy

Mitigation Project Manager

Education:  IICRC Water Damage Restoration, IICRC Applied Structural Drying, Haag Certified Roofing Inspector Residential, Successful Subrogation I & II, Certified EPA Lead Renovator

Industry Experience:  Over 25 years combined experience in Construction, Insurance and Remediation/Restoration Industry

What I Love about my job:  I get to live out the Golden Rule by helping others the way I would want help by using my experience and expertise to guide others thru a disruptive and sometimes catastrophic situation.

Brooks Syrcle

Mitigation Project Manager

Education: Dale Carnahe Graduate of Business Management; The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certifications: Water Restoration Technician, Applied Structural Drying, Applied Microbial Remediation Technician, Health and Safety Technician, Fire & Smoke Restoration, Odor Control, Carpet Cleaning.

Industry Experience: 12 years

What I love about my job: I love getting the opportunity to help someone in their time of need, get their life back on track. I love helping my team grow and learn within the industry, and in their personal lives.

Michaela Ball

Estimator/ Manager

Education: Los Angeles Valley College, ICRC Certified, ASA, Smoke and Odor, Carpet Upholstery, Water Damage, Journeyman Fire and Smoke Restorer, Water Damage, Trauma Cleaning (Paul Davis Certified)

What I love about my job: Contributing to others to inspire them to learn and love what they do as well!


Sharon Farmer

Program Manager

Education: High School, Columbia College and Central Texas, Certified Nursing Assistant

Industry Experience: 30 + plus years customer service; 10 years in collections; 12 years United States Army, Non-Commissioned Officer

Office Staff

Tiffany Meece

Director of Commercial Marketing

Education: MBA-Thomas More College, BA-University of Cincinnati, Subrogation I, Subrogation II

Industry Experience: 9 Years

What I love about my job: I love guiding and supporting my team to help them reach their goals professionally. I also love meeting new business partners and supporting their needs. Each day brings a new challenge and is never the same, which keeps it exciting!

Therese Van Gogh

Commercial Business Development

Education: BA in Bus Ad/Marketing minor; post grad courses in business strategy & organizational design, Real Estate License (inactive)

Industry Experience: worked in commercial Real Estate development for 8 yrs; commercial/business marketing for 15 yrs

What I love about my job: Working for a company that truly exemplifies its core values of Excellence, Heart, Ownership, Professionalism & Teamwork. It's not just words on a plaque, its demonstrated by the entire team!

Megan Fuller

Marketing Assistant

Education: BAS-Business with technical certification in Human Resources

Industry Experience: New to the industry

What I love about my job: I love coming to work for a company that gets people’s lives and businesses back on track. I look forward to new things every day, and to being surrounded by a wonderful people all working together towards the same goal.

Amber Stepter

Residential Marketing Representative 

Education: Bachelor’s of Science in Human Development and Family Studies from Auburn University  

Industry Experience: I have 10 years in customer service, sales, management 

What I love about my job: I love meeting and establishing relationships with people as well as being able to contribute to company's growth and success.

Tara Ardis

Accounts Receivable

Education: Attended Ocean County College, Real Estate License

Industry Experience: 7 years independent insurance agency, 14 months at Complete DKI

What I love about my job: When the flooding occurred in Pensacola in 2014 I was working in insurance. I had to explain to many of my clients that they were not covered for the loss. I cried every night for 2 weeks straight. I am so glad to work on the other side now, helping people put their lives back together after a difficult situation.

Shannon Bowens

Accounts Receivable

Education: AA in Business

Industry experience: 6 years in Accounts Receivable new at DKI

What I love about my job: I enjoy working for a company who helps restores our customers lives after such tragic events

Sarah Hempel

Office Administrator

Education:  Attended Athens Technical College, Computer Networking

Industry Experience: 17 years

What I love about my job: Seeing the difference we make in our community. Working for a company that is growing in the right direction and takes care of their employees!

Nadine LaCoste

Office Administrator

Education: High School, Some College

Industry Experience: 8 years customer service

What I love about my job: I love helping people and working for a company that does that daily.

Jeri Rivera

Quality Control

Education: GED

Industry Experience: Customer service

What I love about my job: Being able to help an individual or family in need and making sure they are satisfied with their whole experience.

Nicole McKinney

Human Resources/Recruiter

Education: BA in Business and Psychology from Marymount University

Industry Experience: 11 Years

What I love about my job: I love my career in Human Resources at Complete DKI. They give me the opportunity to work closely with the employees and that is what I enjoy most about HR. The employees are all really great people we are like a family. Every one works really hard to achieve Complete DKI’s mission and it’s a great to see such loyalty.

Kevin Weaver

Asset Management

Education: High School- Francis Howell Central Cottleville, MO; Fork Lift Trainer Certified; Microsoft Certified

Industry Experience: 8 years of fleet management, 5 years of OSHA safety management, 8 year of warehouse management. Flatbed tow trained. 12 years of customer service.

What I love about my job: I have spent the majority of my career in customer service of an industry that directly affects customers or members. I love to have an impact on the great experience customers have even if I’m not in direct contact. There is nothing better than the feeling of a job well done.

Alex Laffond

Mitigation Technician

Education: IICRC WRT & ASD certified

Industry Experience: 1 year restoration experience

What I love about my job: I love the teamwork and family environment. I love helping people in difficult situations.


Forrest Grogan

Mitigation Technician

Education: High School, Fire fighter, First responder, NATA, International Waste, CPR, Aircraft Fueling, Aircraft LAV Services

Industry Experience: 4 years emergency services

What I love about my job: I love helping families get back to a normal life after a disaster.

Austin Parris


Education: WRT, Firefighter I, First Responder, Incident Command Training

Industry Experience: 8 years in emergency services.

What I love about my job: Helping people. The people I work with. Helping a customer through tough times.

Charlotte Barnes

Contents Manager

Education: Contents Restoring Specialist

Industry Experience: 20 Years in the cleaning industry

What I love about my job: I really love helping people. I love the people I work with, we are like a family.


Sherri Wiley

Lead Cleaning Technician

Education: D.O.T and OSHA Certified

Industry Experience: 25 years

What I love about my job: I enjoy helping others and making their life whole again.


Michelle Jessie

Contents Technician

Marquise Ward

Contents Technician

Education: Some College

Industry Experience: 3 Years: Lumber Liquidations, Lowes, Home Depot.

What I love about my job: Every day is a new experience.

Matt Reding

Contents Technician

Phillip Holland


Education: High school

Industry Experience: 1 year working on renovations for private residence. 3 years around industrial equipment - hydro blasting / vacuum misc. equipment for cleaning.

What I love about my job: Getting the opportunity to help someone at a low point. Coaching them all the way through to a finished project I can look at and be as proud to have built it as they are to reside in it. Also, it seems DKI takes care of their own.

Jeffrey Price


Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Social Sciences at the University of Mobile

Industry Experience: 2 years

What I love about my job: Helping people in a tough time in order to get their life back to normal.