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Fire / Smoke Damage Restoration

Fire / Smoke Damage

No doubt, fire can be extremely damaging, which can cause loss of life and property. Fire damage to your property can cause severe structural damage, which must be repaired to bring the house in order. At Complete DKI, we are a professional fire damage company that specializes in comprehensive repairs to a property damaged in fire. We believe contents must be removed for cleaning after fire damage, smoke odor eliminated, and entire structure cleaned from the effect of fire. We take pride in restoring residential and commercial buildings and personal belongings from fire damage.

Fire / Smoke Damage Repairs

We have a full team of licensed restoration contractors, with experience, expertise, and empathy for homeowners whose property has suffered from a fire accident, which might have been caused by:

• Vandalism
• Arson
• Cooking oil or grease
• Cigarettes
• Candles
• Clothes irons
• Portable space heaters
• Electrical shorts
• Exposed wiring
• Blown fuses
• Lightning strikes

As a full service fire damage company, we understand how structures and contents react to heat, smoke, and fire, and what steps are needed to minimize the damage for property owners. We specialize in cleaning and repairing properties that have suffered fire damage and work toward protecting and securing your property from further damage.

Our experts are highly trained at assessing the type of fire damage, reasons for the same, and factors affecting the restoration job. We understand every fire is unique and poses unique challenges when it comes to restoration.

As smoke and fire damage restoration professionals, we eradicate smoke smell and neutralize odor, offering you the highest standard of fire damage service. We are your one-stop shop for all fire damage services and can help bring your property out of ruins to its original condition.