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Florida: 850-225-5354
Alabama: 251-225-5354

24/7 Emergency Board Up Services

At Complete DKI, we have seen first-hand how dealing with a home fire can be overwhelming and traumatic, and that is why we provide emergency boardup services at NO COST to the homeowner. Our team is here to assist you every step of the way – starting with emergency board up.

How Our Free Emergency Board Up Works

Contact Complete DKI at 850-225-5354 (Florida) or 251-225-5354 (Alabama) and a live, local person will take your information and dispatch an emergency crew to help. Our crews will arrive on site within 2 hours, ready to secure your home. You will need to sign a work authorization to allow our team to board up your home. 


How are Emergency Board Up Services Free?

If you have insurance, we will be able to bill your insurance directly. If you do not have insurance, board up services are performed as a community service.

Complete DKI is a full service restoration company and works with all insurance carriers. Once board up is completed, our team can work with you to get your home back to pre-loss condition or better. A mitigation project manager will be assigned to you to guide you through the process.


How Emergency Board Up Protects Your Home and Family

Board up services may seem like just an extra step and slowing down the process of cleaning up, repairing, and renovating your home. However, boarding up your home is the most important, and often overlooked, steps after a fire, vehicle collision, or natural disaster affects your home. 

After damage occurs, Complete DKI needs to secure your home, and make sure it is safe and protected before starting work. Even if crews start the cleanup and repair process right away, renovations may take a few days, weeks, or even months. Board up services has many benefits during reconstruction, like:

  • Protection from natural disaster. There’s always a chance that another big storm or natural disaster will occur while your home is being repaired. Without board up services, your property can experience flooding or further structural issues, leading to a higher cost in repairs and a longer timeline to fix the additional damage. 
  • Prevention of vandalism. Homes that are severely damaged will most likely require the house to stay vacant while repairs are being made. This can leave your home vulnerable to vandalism, theft, and squatters. By using board up services, you are closing up gaps, broken windows, and empty doorways, and keeping unwanted people out. 
  • Peace of mind. Dealing with the reconstruction and renovation of your home is stressful enough with insurance agents, assessors, and crew members working around the clock in your personal space. The last thing you need is to be kept up at night worrying if your home and belongings are safe, too. By using board up services, you can breathe easier knowing that your home is safe and protected, and the only thing you have to think about is how great it will feel to return back to your normal life. 


Has Your Home Been Affected By a Vehicle Collision or Natural Disaster and Needs Emergency Board Up Services?

Contact DKI, and let us see how we can help you! DKI is fully committed to being the recognized expert in residential disaster restoration services. Let us protect your home–at NOT COST to you–from wind damage, weather damage, and vandalism by providing our 24/7 emergency board up services. Our goal is to provide a high quality and professional customer service experience, and to create a network of the elite disaster restoration companies across North America…and to do that while giving you peace of mind.

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