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Contents Restoration

When a fire happens, it’s not just the structure that is damaged. Everything inside your property affected by heat, smoke, or flames have also been damaged and require specialized cleaning and repairs to prevent permanent damage or loss. As a full service fire damage company, we understand how structures and contents react to heat, smoke, and fire, and what steps are needed to minimize the damage for property owners. We specialize in cleaning and repairing properties that have suffered fire damage and work toward protecting and securing your property from further damage.

With a well-trained and professional team of experts, we use specialized equipment to carry out fire damage restoration tasks more quickly than other reconstruction methods. We will do our best to save your personal possessions and restore contents, including artwork, clothing, furniture, computers, and electronics, to their prior condition. Our consummate professionalism eases your pain and gives you peace of mind by offering efficient and prompt service and simplifying the recovery process.

We maintain comprehensive documentation throughout the contents cleaning process for your information and for your insurance claim. We will inventory, packout, clean, and restore fire damaged items, and will store your items until your property has been restored.

contents-facilityAs skilled artisans, we offer professional services and top workmanship to purge your property and get you back on track. Thanks to our thorough fire remediation services, we can efficiently perform:

  • Soot residue cleaning
  • Smoke damage cleaning
  • Toxic chemical removal
  • Debris removal
  • Fire damage cleanup
  • Complete property restoration