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Chinese Drywall Removal

Complete DKI is an independent remediation firm specializing in the removing of Chinese drywall. We follow a standard remediation method to replace Chinese drywall that can cause corrosion of silver, brass, and copper components in residential and commercial establishments. We have created safe Chinese drywall remediation methodologies to remove the concentration of the following compounds in air:

• Methyl Mercaptan
• Carbonyl Sulfide
• Hydrogen Sulfide
• Dimethyl Sulfide
• Ethyl Mercaptan
• Carbon Disulfide
• Diethyl Disulfide
• Isopropyl Mercaptan
• n-Propyl Mercaptan
• tert-Butyl Mercaptan
• Ethyl Methyl Sulfide
• Isobutyl Mercaptan
• Thiophene
• 3-Methyl Thiophene
• Dimethyl Disulfide
• Tetrahydrothiophene
• 2-Ethyl Thiophene

We carry out remediation with Chinese drywall and confirm that corrosion effects are due to drywall, not any other item in the property, such as paints, cleaners, carpets, personal care products.

With thorough knowledge of Chinese drywall, we pay attention to detail and specialize in remediation and rebuilding services. Our hard working Chinese drywall remediation team in Pensacola is capable of removing the trace and memory of the drywall from your property, restoring and rebuilding it better than it ever was. As specialists in Chinese drywall remediation, we rebuild properties better than they were earlier.

Unique Pensacola Chinese Drywall Remediation Solutions

With Complete DKI, you have a trustworthy partner for all your drywall remediation needs. Our team of highly trained experts does not offer sealing, fogging, or sprays as remediation solutions to your Chinese drywall problem; rather, we address the problem the right way – removing every trace of the drywall and other affected components.

When you entrust our Chinese drywall remediation for your property, you get no less than quality service and exceptional customer care. We follow well-established remediation protocols for accurate determination of the remediation, which is important for dealing with builders, insurance companies, lenders, and attorneys.

If you are looking for a qualified Pensacola Chinese drywall remediation contractor that will carefully implement a proven abatement protocol in the removal and replacement of contaminated drywall on your property, give us one opportunity to prove our worth.