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4th of July: BBQ Safety

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4th of July: BBQ Safety

Summer is here, everyone’s back on the beaches, and July 4th is fast approaching. Most people are gearing up for family fun, outdoor adventures, fireworks, and big cookouts. We want to share some BBQ safety tips to ensure you have a fun and relaxing day with your friends and family without a fire emergency. Some […]

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Call Before You Claim

Above is the literature the Marketing Team uses to promote the Call Before You Claim Program (CBYC) to insurance agents. There is also an informational video on the process that should be watched prior to implementing the process. What to Know About the Program: The Marketing Team has pushed this program to the agents to […]

Firefighter entering a fire

A Guide to Safe Cooking

Where do you go to find chaos, conversation, and lots of delicious cooking? The kitchen. The typical Walton County kitchen has always been the hub of activity. Food brings people together at all hours of the day and under all circumstances. Although kitchens are responsible for laughter, get-togethers, and late-night conversations, they also double as […]

What Is Causing Water Damage?

Don’t necessarily assume that the only things causing water damage in your home are from the interior of the home. Of course, most water damage located in the interior part of the home is due to a variety of problems: plumbing leaks broken or burst pipes or hoses washing machine overflow a clogged toilet moisture behind […]

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