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Short-Term and Long-Term Water Damage Tips

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Short-Term and Long-Term Water Damage Tips

Whether it was weather related, plumbing related or just bad luck, water damage in your home is a hassle! Here are a few tips for staying safe, cleaning up the mess and making improvements for the future. Immediately After Water Intrusion When there is standing water in your home, rule # 1 is “safety first.” […]

2018 Storm Season, Florida Storms, Florida Hurricane Season, Hurricane Season

2018 Storm Season

Storm season sometimes feels unpredictable, especially living in Tallahassee, Panama City, or Pensacola – prime hurricane territory. In May we shared an update about 2018’s hurricane season looking to be active at a near average to above average season. Ultimately this means we’re expected to have a much smoother year than last year. As of […]

water damage cleanup mobile, water damage mobile

Replacing Water Damaged Floors: What Are The Choices?

In the heat of the summer, your A/C leaks on the floor. Or the kids let the bathtub overflow. Or a joint cracks under the kitchen sink. Not only do you have the primary problem to solve, your floors suffer from standing water. If you are planning a renovation, or are recovering from a flood, […]

New Team Member Certifications

At Complete DKI we work hard to keep our team up to date on all restoration related certifications and education. Staying up to date on restoration information is crucial to make sure we give you the best service in the industry, as well as save you as much time as possible when disaster strikes. We’re […]

Do’s and Don’ts of Home Fire Damage

When it comes to fire damage repair there are a lot of things you should do. However, there are also many things you shouldn’t do. Below are some of the common do’s and don’ts of fire damage repair. The most important thing to do is call a professional restoration contractor as soon as possible. In the […]

4 Ways to Prevent Mold in Your Gulf Coast Vacation Home

The climate in Mobile, Ala., is warm and muggy much of the year. The subtropical climate along the Gulf Coast makes for sticky, hot summers and mild, rainy winters. That means mold has found a nearly ideal place to grow. Thousands of people own summer and vacation homes along the coast and throughout Mobile. When […]

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