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Compassionate Technicians, Smooth Easy Service

Compassionate Technicians, Smooth Easy Service

Compassion is defined as having concerns for the sufferings or misfortunes of others. Here at Complete DKI in Spanish Fort, compassion is something that we have for each and every one of our clients. We know that being in a situation where you are in need of an emergency contractors services, it can be quite […]

Most Common Causes for Fire Damage Claims

A fire damage is one of the most destructive and detrimental types of damages that can happen to a home or business owner. Did you know there were nearly 400,000 fires in the United States last year alone? While a fire can be quite costly and even more stressful, finding the right company to take […]

Fire Damage in Spanish Fort, AL

Property fires are not a common occurrence, but they do happen. In these hot summer months, the land dries out and puts practically anything at a higher risk to burn. And what comes after a fire? Fire damage. Complete DKI specializes in emergency and non-emergency fire and smoke damage services year round. Do you know […]

Fire Cleanup Mobile, AL

Fire cleanup in Mobile is something that is needed in some way year round. Too many homeowners leave themselves at risk for a fire unknowingly. Simple every day mistakes can cause a fire in your Mobile home. Complete DKI understands that there needs to be comprehensive repairs to a property damaged in a fire. That […]

Fire Services in Mobile, AL

In the Mobile area, we are susceptible to so many different types of disasters around the year. When I say disaster I mean thunderstorms, flooding, hurricanes, snow, ice, possible tornado’s (rarely, but it happens) and fire. Out of all of these disasters, fire can be the most traumatic to a homeowner. In fact, home fires […]

Fire Services Pensacola, FL

FIRE SERVICES PENSACOLA   With the warmer summer months coming, it is important to know what disaster response team to call. Now we all know that during the summer all everyone thinks about here in the panhandle is hurricanes. Yes we are in hurricane alley, but what I am thinking of during the blistering hot […]

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