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Preventing House Fires on Halloween

Preventing House Fires on Halloween

Halloween Fire Safety Every year on Halloween, kids race their friends door to door while trick-or-treating to get the best candy from each house. While this is such a fun time, we have to remember that due to our Halloween decorations, there is a scary chance that a house fire could be started. Candle fires are a leading cause of house fires in […]

Board Up Services in Mobile, AL

Complete DKI is an all in one water, fire, and mold remediation and reconstruction contractor. Complete DKI makes an effort to ensure our customers remain at the top of our priority that is why Complete DKI is a 24/7/365 days a year company. Did you have a fire in your home at 2 A.M? No […]

Fire Damage in Pensacola

All too often, Pensacola residents hear about fire damage in Pensacola on the news. A house fire can be one of the most devastating  things that can ever happen to a homeowner in their whole lifetime. Did you know that fire damage in Pensacola is one of the most popular reasons for emergency responders being […]

What is Complete DKI?

Have you seen our “What is Complete DKI?” billboards around town?  Awesome! So, “What is Complete DKI?” Good question! Complete DKI is a locally owned and operated company that provides property restoration services 24/7 for commercial, residential, and multi-family homes. Complete DKI specializes in several different areas, but this week we are going to talk […]

Fire Damage Mobile

   Fire damage in Mobile is one of the most devastating things that can happen to a homeowner in their lifetime. Often time’s people believe that there is no “after” once fire damage in Mobile has taken place. The thought is that everything must be thrown out and you have to start from scratch. That […]

DKI Featured Team of the Month

  Complete DKI has been chosen as the Featured Team of the Month! Here at Complete DKI, we take pride in our ability to help the people in our community. We believe that a restoration company should be able to provide their customers with swift service while maintaining the highest standards. Our team is equipped […]

“Rescue Me!” Stickers, Get Yours Today!

“Rescue Me!” stickers for the front window! Here at Complete DKI we not only care for the safety of your family, but for the safety of your pets as well. That is why we came up with our “Rescue Me!” stickers for the front window of your home. What’s the purpose of the stickers you say? The […]

Fire Damage Mobile

  Fire damage in Mobile is something that happens all too often. Homeowners often leave themselves at risk for a fire unknowingly. A fire can be caused by something as simple as a candle flame all the way to a careless smoker. Fire damage in Mobile can be absolutely devastating and requires attention almost immediately. […]

Disposing of Batteries the Right Way

Disposing of your batteries the right way and the wrong way can mean the difference between keeping your home the way it is or a house fire. Depending on the type of battery, decides how the battery should be disposed of. Did you know that improperly disposing of a battery can lead to a house fire? Shockingly, […]

Refer Complete DKI on Social Media

Social Media is taking this generation and the generations to come by storm. With that said many companies are jumping on the social media train and Complete DKI is one of them! Did you know leaving a review can help us improve our services and the way we do business tremendously? Complete DKI loves to […]

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