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Board up Services, Why Are They so Important?

Board up Services, Why Are They so Important?

      After property damage takes place (whether it be from a fire, mold, or water damage), the availability of a board up services is vital. Why? Proper board up service is extremely important in order to secure your belongings and prevent any further damage from taking place. That is why at Complete DKI, our […]

Got Mold? Complete DKI Can Help!

Got Mold? Complete DKI Can Help! Are you looking for a mold remediation company in Pensacola, FL? Look no further! Complete DKI is the company for you! We offer mold remediation for all types of settings. Whether it is your home or business, we’ve got it covered! First off, there is always one thing to […]

Preventing a Cooking Fire

A house fire is one of those things homeowners never want to think about, and believe it will never happen to them. But in all reality, possibilities for a house fire are everywhere. Did you know, in the last month over 5 Escambia County residents have suffered from a house fire? While house fires are […]

Tips for Working with Insurance Agencies

After suffering from a loss due to water, fire, or mold, working with an insurance agency can be quite frustrating and confusing. At Complete DKI we work through the client’s insurance agency to keep things simple, and as a business we like for our clients to be “in the know”. Here are a few helpful […]

Restoration Services – Complete DKI of Mobile

Are you looking for a restoration company that is able to assist you with your specific needs no matter what time of day or night? Complete DKI Mobile is your one stop shop for all your mitigation and restoration needs! Whether the damage is due to water, fire, mold or even a biohazard situation, Complete […]

Dealing with Water Damage in Mobile, AL

  Dealing with Water Damage in Mobile, AL is something that is all too common in the area. After the “Great Flood” on April 29, 2014 we know all about what the consequences to come after water damages. All too often, homeowners do not take their water damages seriously. Even if it’s an inch or two, […]

Biohazard Cleanup in Pensacola

Biohazard cleanup is neither spoken of nor thought of very often, but the need for body clean up in Pensacola is there. Complete DKI offers full service remediation and reconstruction for body clean up.  We will work directly with your insurance company in order to keep stress levels low in your time of need. When […]

Tips for Salvaging Your Belongings

A house fire in Pensacola can happen at any time. Unfortunately, homeowners often throw belongings away that appear to be unfixable when really, they can be restored. There are professional restoration companies that specialize in salvaging and restoring your damaged items. Complete DKI is your one stop shop for all your restoration needs! Below are […]

After The Fire: The First 24 Hours

Getting back on your feet after a fire can be one of the hardest things a person may ever have to deal with in their entire lifetime. Within the first 24 hours after a fire, there are a few steps that you need to take in order to pave a faster road to recovery. Complete […]

A Property Owner’s Guide to Emergency Services

As a property owner, it is important to be educated on how to go about obtaining emergency services. You may have many questions like “What do I do now?” or “Who am I supposed to call?”. Here at Complete DKI (Disaster Kleenup International), we are part of North America’s largest disaster restoration contracting organization.  We […]

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