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Hurricane Season | Why Experts Predict a Hyperactive 2020

Hurricane Season 2020 Outlook from NOAA, Colorado State University, and AccuWeather

Hurricane Season | Why Experts Predict a Hyperactive 2020

Since late February, Complete DKI has been coping with the COVID-19 pandemic, as everyone has. Every newspaper, magazine, blog, newscast, and even sports channels have been laser-focused on the pandemic.  Meanwhile, scientists are predicting that the 2020 Hurricane Season will be hyperactive and those of us on the Gulf Coast are now turning our attention to […]

Business Owner Shaun Carpentier

Operating a Business During a Pandemic: An Owner’s Perspective

This week, Complete DKI President and Owner Shaun Carpentier participated on a panel of the Florida Panhandle business community, examining how the region’s business and supply chain landscape has changed as a result of the global coronavirus pandemic. Hosted and moderated by Dr. Scott Keller of the University of West Florida’s Center for Supply Chain […]

N-95 Masks donated by Comple DKI to area hospitals

Complete DKI Donates 450 N-95 Masks to Area Hospitals

On Thursday April 2, 2020, Complete DKI donated a total of 450 N-95 masks to hospitals in Pensacola, FL, and Mobile, AL.  Ascension Sacred Heart Hospital, Baptist Hospital, and USA Women’s and Children’s Hospital received the donations. Shaun Carpentier, President and Owner of Complete DKI, when asked why Complete DKI donated 450 masks, responded: “The […]


Viruses in the Workplace: Reduce the Risk

It is difficult to read the newspaper, watch television, or view social media sites without seeing a piece on Coronavirus (Covid-19 or 2019-ncov). Many leaders in business are concerned for their commercial property, their employees, and their customers and rightfully so due to the vast amount of media exposure. Novel Coronavirus simply means a new […]

Hospital Room and Picture of Germs

COVID-19 in Florida: Cause for Precaution, not Panic

As of March 2nd, there are two confirmed cases in Florida of COVID-19, the novel coronavirus that has been spreading from China since late last year. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis issued a public health emergency on Sunday in response to the news. Many in Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi are understandably concerned about the news and […]

Germs under a Microscope

Controlling Infection in Commercial Buildings

With the recent concerns growing about infectious viruses such as Influenza, Flu and Coronavirus (COVID-19), many executives, facilities directors and property managers are seeking solutions for how to best protect their employees and customers. How to Avoid Infections? February has consistently ranked among the highest in terms of flu activity. While the Center for Disease Control […]

Luke Gerald

Community Associations Institute, North Gulf Coast Chapter Votes Luke Gerald as Vice President

Recently, Luke Gerald was voted in as Vice President of the Community Associations Institute’s North Gulf Coast Chapter. Having worked in the hospitality industry and as a Community Association Manager (CAM) himself as well as a Commercial Development Manager for Complete DKI, Luke brings a unique skill set and knowledge base to the position which […]

Wendy Myers

House Fire | Personal Stories from the Restoration Industry | Wendy Myers

At Complete DKI, one of our core values is heart. We know that what we do truly makes a difference in our clients’ lives. Many of us have first-hand experiences of how we have made that difference. This week we are excited to launch a new blog series highlighting personal stories from our team members and […]

Tiffany Meece poses at Complete DKI booth

Women in Restoration: Tiffany Meece

Welcome to the latest installment of our Women in Restoration Series. Complete DKI is proud to have so many powerful women among our ranks, we love highlighting their stories and hearing their perspectives as women in a typically male-dominated industry. This week we spoke with Director of Commercial Marketing Tiffany Meece. Why did you choose […]

Shaun Carpentier, Quint Studer, and Ashlee Carpentier with EntreCon Employer of the Year 2019 Award

Employer of the Year 2019: Complete DKI named by EntreCon

Complete DKI, headquartered in Pensacola, FL with additional offices in Tallahassee, FL and Mobile, AL has been named Employer of the Year 2019 at Entrecon. Entrecon, an annual national symposium hosted by Studer Community Institute, fosters and provides resources for business leaders and entrepreneurs. The award was presented at the Entrecon 2019 awards luncheon by […]

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