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ECAA Board Member: Amber Stepter

Photo of Amber Stepter,  Complete DKI Marketing Representative

The Emerald Coast Apartment Association (ECAA) is a non-profit professional organization, formed in 2003, representing a broad cross-section of the Emerald Coast Apartment Industry. Their members include apartment owners, builders, developers, management companies, and product and service businesses that serve the industry. Their work and service helps protect the value of everyone’s investments and keeps all informed of their rights as owners.

In the past, Complete DKI has participated in networking events and has sponsored golf tournaments for the ECAA. This relationship is so important to us because we want to continue to provide great service to the community, and to be able to rebuild in times of need. That being said, we are so thrilled that as of December 1, 2017, our very own Amber Stepter was inducted into the ECAA Board!

Amber is our newest Marketing Representative, working with apartment complexes, property managers, and insurance agents in South Baldwin, Escambia, and Santa Rosa counties. This is what she has to say about her experience so far –

“One month into the job and I am learning so much about the restoration industry as well as Complete DKI as a whole. I appreciate my coworkers who have let me shadow and ask questions so that I can understand and have a better grasp on what we do as a company. I’ve always enjoyed helping and meeting new people, and being a Marketing Representative allows me to do both. My career background has dealt mostly with vehicles in some way (either renting or selling) and working with children with behavioral issues, so to step out into an entirely new industry is exciting.”

We can’t wait to see what great things Amber will do, especially being a new member of the ECAA Board. Congratulations Amber!

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