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What is Complete DKI?

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What is Complete DKI? Complete DKI is a 24 hour company ready to respond to your emergency at all times. Complete DKI specializes in several different areas, whether the property is commercial or residential, Complete DKI has got you covered! Are you still wondering “What is Complete DKI?”  No worries! Just visit our website by clicking here.  Before you go doing that though, let’s talk about Complete DKI’s biohazard cleanup in Pensacola.

What is Complete DKI? How can they help me with my biohazard cleanup in Pensacola? Complete DKI has a dedicated team specializing in the area of biohazard cleanup in Pensacola. Our team is skilled in the quick, safe, and confidential removal of any biohazardous waste that is affecting you. As a licensed company, we take pride in being able to aid you in the cleanup of biohazardous waste due to several things such as:

• Body fluids and tissues

• Blood

• Blood products, including plasma, serum

• Suicide biohazard waste

• Animal waste

• Death scene biohazard waste

• Gross filth

• Serious injury scene bio-hazardous waste

• Pack Rat and Hoarder homes

As you can see, biohazardous waste can result from many different things and it can happen to just about anyone! If you find yourself in need of biohazard cleanup in Pensacola, CALL DKI! Literally, 850.CALL.DKI (850.225.5354) our teams of specialists are at your disposal 24/7!

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