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Flooding? Complete DKI can help!

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Flooding, something that Pensacola has become all too familiar with in the past year. As I’m sure everyone remembers, Pensacola was hit with the flood of a lifetime on April 29, 2014. With a record 22 inches of rain in less than 24 hours, nearly all of Pensacola was under water. Once again, throughout the whole week this week, Pensacola is expected to get plenty of rain.

Flooding in Pensacola can happen over a span of a couple of hours or it can happen in a matter of minutes in the case of a flash flood. In April of last year, the flooding happened very quickly, too quickly even. Many people who thought they weren’t going to be touched by the flood, ended up with some of the worst damage there was.

Complete DKI is equipped to handle all types of damages, including water damage due to flooding. Our teams of highly skilled technicians are competent in the areas of:

• Ceiling, crawl space water damage

• Basement flood water cleanup

• Flood damage cleanup

• Dehumidification service

• Water extraction services

• Complete structural drying,

• Mold and environmental remediation

• Advance dehumidification

• Content Cleaning

• Drying and reprocessing

• Document salvage

• Electronics restoration

• Structural repairs

If you find yourself in need of Complete DKI’s emergency services, give us a call at 850.CALL.DKI or 251.CALL.DKI.

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