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Fireplace Safety

fire Fireplaces are known mostly for their use for comfort, heat and relaxation in a home.  And quite honestly, the last thing you are probably thinking about is the risk of a house fire when you’re getting ready to enjoy a quiet evening at home with your loved ones. These types of fires occur more often than you would think due to just a few minor details that often get neglected or forgotten about. Complete DKI has some tips on preventing a fire with just a few, simple precautions that need to be taken before igniting a fire in your fireplace. All home heating systems (whether it be a fireplace, a wooden stove, or an elemental heater) need regular maintenance to keep them in solid working condition. Safety is a huge precaution when it comes to preventing a fire. By following these simple tips you can greatly reduce your chances of suffering from a house fire. tips

  • Have a certified chimney specialist inspect and clean your chimney or wood stove annually.
  • Keep the area around the fireplace free of anything flammable or vulnerable to catching fire. (This means no hanging stockings around the fire place when there is a fire lit!)
  • NEVER use flammables such as lighter fluid or any other chemical to start a fire in a home.
  • Make sure the logs are securely placed inside the fire place and aren’t at risk of rolling out onto the floor.
  • Never leave the fire unattended. Too often homeowners will go to bed before the fire has completely burned out. This is a huge no no!
  • Do not burn any trash or newspaper as an aid to get the fire started. This can cause too much smoke to go around your home.
  • Make sure that there is nothing obstructing the vents to your fireplace.
  • Lastly, make sure that your heating systems have proper means of ventilation. General rule of thumb is that your heating equipment is at least 3 feet above the roof.

Every year, about 26,000 fires are caused due to improper use of a fireplace. Homeowners should be properly informed about safety while using a fire place is very important in order to prevent a house or chimney fire. Complete DKI responds to house fires year round, not just in the winter months when everyone has their heaters and fireplaces going. You may have gone to bed and left a smoldering fire in your fireplace, or your five year old could have been secretly feeding his curiosity by playing with matches.  Complete DKI is here for you! If you experience a fire damage in your Pensacola home, contact Complete DKI any time of day or night! Our technicians work 24/7 to ensure that our clients have the best services available to them. Complete DKI technicians and staff are always professional and presentable. If you have experience a fire damage in Pensacola, contact our full service location on Davis hwy by calling 850.CALL.DKI.

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