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Got Mold? Complete DKI Can Help!

Got Mold? Complete DKI Can Help!

Are you looking for a mold remediation company in Pensacola, FL? Look no further! Complete DKI is the company for you! We offer mold remediation for all types of settings. Whether it is your home or business, we’ve got it covered!

First off, there is always one thing to remember when looking for a company to help you with your mold remediation… The company who tests your home for mold, CANNOT do the remediation work on your home as well. This is a Florida law! If someone is telling you otherwise, kick them out!

Mold restoration in Pensacola is something that needs to be taken seriously and done right the first time! With Pensacola’s warm, damp climate, this makes for the perfect incubator for mold. Gross right? That is why at Complete DKI we can offer you assistance with the following services:

• Mold removal and remediation services
• Mold mitigation and reconstruction services
• Water damage mitigation services
• Leak detection and repair services
• Black Mold Removal services
• Mold Damage Repair services
• Odor removal services
• Mold Prevention services

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Although mold is something that does not pop up overnight, it needs to be addressed as soon as it is discovered. For the health and safety of your family, it is best that someone is called immediately. We are a professional remediation and restoration company, working efficiently to prevent further damage to property , ensuring a clean, mold-free property for you, your family, tenants, and occupants. Give Complete DKI a call 24/7 at 850.225.5354.


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